Positivity Is The Key to Success: ENTREPRENUERS

by nataliejnorris

In order to be a successful entrepreneur I believe that the individual must be extremely passionate about what it is they have come up with for their company. They must be motivated to come up with new ideas as well as be excited about others’ ideas. No matter what is going on in their company, entrepreneurs must be motivated to solve any problem that they come across. I would like to think that I hold passion as a trait in myself. Now that I am a senior in college I have really come to love my classes and what I am studying about. I am hopeful that public relations and marketing are going to be in my future upon graduating, therefore, I am extremely passionate about my school work as well as everything I do in TGC (Tehama Group Communications). I believe that the harder I work, the further I will get in the future. Another positive trait that entrepreneurs should hold is organization. Being organized is a very important concept when it comes to success. Entrepreneurs must plan ahead and set up a manageable routine for themselves so that they will meet all of their deadlines with as little stress as possible. I believe that I am pretty organized with both my schoolwork and extra curricular activities. It may take me a while to get used to the routine I am in, however, once I get the hang of it, I manage my time pretty well. I am not so sure there were any characteristics that surprised me for being a successful entrepreneur, but I guess I had never thought that taking a break would be a trait to hold. I will take breaks with my work because I know that if I continuously work on something for hours straight I will just stress myself out and not get anything done. A trait that I may lack is confidence. Confidence is key when being your own boss essentially. Entrepreneurs must feel comfortable in their own skin and they must not fear failure. Unfortunately, this is my weakness and I hope to overcome this problem through this course!